Buy and Sell Textbooks for Summer School and Next Year on Facebook

WCHS has set up a Facebook event so that you can get in touch with other WCHS parents and students to buy and sell books for summer school and the 2011-2012 school year.  Take the following simple steps to begin the process:

  1. Become a friend of WCS on Facebook by visiting
  2. Then, view and “attend” the Western Christian High School Book Buy/Sell event (Event Link)

All details and instructions for selling or purchasing books can be found on the event page.

**Please be aware that this event was established by Western Christian High School, but will not be further supported by the school. By browsing or leaving a comment on this facebook event you agree that the only intended use of it is to place parents in contact with each other. Western Christian Schools is not to be held responsible for any conflicts or problems as a result of using this resource. If you have any problems, please deal directly with the purchaser/seller. All information posted on this event is publicly accessible. Please do not post information that you do not wish to be public. Your comments may be moderated.  Western Christian is not to be held responsible for content placed on facebook that is out of our control.  This includes but is not limited to images, text, links, and advertising that may appear as provided by or other facebook users.


If you are an incomming freshman and want to take advantage of this community book sale, you are probably saying to yourself, "What books will I need?" There are 4 academic courses that all freshman have to take (unless they get a head start in summer school - higly recomended). The courses you will have to take and the corresponding book requirements are listed below. This facebook event will be up and running well into the start of the 2011-2012 school year. Once you recieve your final freshman schedule you may still have a chance to secure books through this resource.

FRESHMAN COURSES YOU'LL HAVE TO TAKE (and their corresponding book requirements)


Title: Algebra 1
ISBN 9781565771345
Author: Saxon
Publisher: Saxon Publishers
3rd Edition
or Title: Geometry
ISBN 9780078738265
Author: Glencoe
Publisher: Glencoe Publisher

2. Speech 101

Author:  CARLILE

3. Bible 9

Title:  Survey Old Testament
Author:  Benware
ISBN:  9780802424822
Title:  NIV Bible
ISBN:  9780310912910

4. English 9

Title:  Count of Monte Cristo
Author:  Dumas
ISBN:  9780553213508
Title:  Romeo & Juliet
Author:   Shakespeare
ISBN:  9780789160874
Title:  Romeo & Juliet (Parallel Text)(ST Workbook)
Author:  Shakespeare
ISBN:  9780789162120
Title:  Separate Peace
Author:  Knowles
ISBN:  9780743253970
Title:  Literature (Penguin Edition) (GR 9)
Author:  Prentice Hall
ISBN:  9780131317178
Title:  Grammar For Writing (Level Blue)
Author:  Sadlier
ISBN:  9780821502198
Title:  Animal Farm (Rack Size)
Author:  Orwell
ISBN:  780451526342
Title:  Guide to MLA Documentation (Includes 2009 MLA UPD)
Author:  Trimmer
ISBN:  9780618967896