You can help the auction be a success by donating an item or service to be sold at the auction.  Some previous donations have included:

• Rental & time share vacation homes
• Tickets to sporting events
• Airline tickets or miles
• Sports memorabilia
• Tickets to the theater
• Art work or collectibles

Those in the service industry and can donate dental work, landscaping, flooring, air conditioning, automobile services, or salon and spa services.


Dear Parents,

Donít worry, your student isnít in trouble.

Actually, Iím writing with good news. I wanted to personally let you know that I am very excited about this yearís Legacy Annual Fund Dinner and Auction on Saturday, May 5th at 5:30 pm.  This is going to be a highlight in the 2012-2013 school year.  All the things that you love about Western are going to be on full display - the people you love, a mission that matters, food, competition (thereís an auction, folks), more food, and the new iPad (one of our many raffle prizes). Fellowship, the chance to ďwin,Ē a justifiable excuse to overeat, and high class technology - I wonder if it gets better than that.

Seriously though, as a grateful and proud parent of two children who attend Western Christian, I am looking forward to this opportunity to connect with Westernís loving community and to be reminded of the heart and value of our school.  Iím of the opinion that Christians never need an excuse to celebrate. We should have the market cornered on joy. But on this night in particular, the plan is to collectively rejoice in what God is doing right here, right now!  Tag your friends, text your family, and please invite everyone you know who has a vested interest in your student and/or the mission of our school.

We donít want babysitting to be concern for you (I know well the difficulty in finding a babysitter), so childcare is on us.  Also, please donít worry about dressing up.  Business casual is where itís at on this night!

Look for your invitation this week in the mail or simply RSVP online at . For further details visit the website or use the links in the right hand menu.

On a much less exciting note, I will be emceeing this event with my WCHS best friend (class of Ď97 - oh yeah!), Brandon Doolittle.  At minimum, it will be an opportunity to laugh at/with me. Please be gentle. I look forward to seeing you there!

John Attwood
Vice Principal and Dean of Academics
Western Christian High School
(909) 920-5858, ext. 254
100 W 9th St. Upland, California 91786