Tomorrow's Fellowship lead by Keith Doolittle, President of Cook Induction Heating Co., Inc. and WCS Board Member

Join us tomorrow and invite a friend to

this Friday 9/16/11 from 7:00AM - 7:30AM

A time for fellowship, encouragement, and prayer offered to all parents, friends, and surrounding community members.

Western Christian Schools exists to provide a Christ-centered community that integrates faith and quality education. As part of fullfilling this mission we have instituted the Christian Professionals Fellowship so that WCS may be a beacon and refuge to Christian professionals (you) who are working hard to remain committed to Jesus Christ. It is our hope that this time will encorage and motivate you in your faith as you engage your workpace. Most importantly, we desire to come together in prayer to lift up your career and business/organization as you pursue a calling to support your family and honor Christ.

Throughout the scriptures it is clear that vibrant Christianity is realized when we share life with others of the same mind. As iron sharpens iron so does a friend sharpen his friend's character. (Proverbs 27:17)


In a similar effort to strengthen the network of Christian professionals, WCS will be hosting an online Western Christian parent business directory viewable to Western families and any guests to our website.  This free resource is a great tool to foster even closer relationships amongst our families, as we continue to support one another in every way, whether as service providers or as patrons.  We encourage interested parent business professionals or registered business owners to participate.  Please visit to complete the WCS Parent Directory application.  Click here to view the WCS Parent Directory Flier.